Not sure where the leak is or if you might even have one? We have all the high tech gear to help locate leaks without the guess work.

Paradise Plumbing and Gas specialise in locating and repairing burst pipes and water leaks both inside and outside your premises.

Leaks are located and repaired easily, restoring the pipework to its normal flow in the shortest possible time.

Any damaged pipes are replaced with affordable connections. No fuss and all the mess is cleaned before we go.


All digging and exposing of pipes done as part of the job. 


We carry most plumbing parts in our vans and we can also help manage plastering or tiling repairs if needed.

Not sure where a pipe is leaking but see wet ground? No problem we can find it.


- Burst Pipes

- Water Leaks

- Soggy Ground

- High Water Usage

- Gas Leaks or Smells

- Emergency 24/7 Response

- Mold on the Wall or Ceiling

- Rainwater Damage

- Hidden Dripping Noise

- Non Invasive Leak Detection and so much more!